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Advantage Household Spot Crevice Spray works to kill fleas, ticks, bed bugs and dust mites that are hidden in your home. This spray uses imidacloprid, a common ingredient in flea treatments, to remove undesired pests from specific areas for an extended period of time. The formula is also made to dry quickly, making it perfect for quickly removing pests from specific areas in a pinch. Advantage Household Spot Crevice Spray is the ideal solution to removing potentially dangerous pests from specific areas of your home. For a solution which caters to more sensitive surfaces and fabrics, try Advantage Carpet Upholstery Spot Spray or for a more comprehensive way to eliminate fleas and ticks in your home, try Advantage Household Fogger . If you're looking to supplement other flea treatments with a quick solution to hiding pests then order this spray to solve your pest problems today Key Features: Kills brown dog ticks, fleas, dust mites, bed bugs Dries fast Comes with 24 fl oz

Advantage Household Spot Crevice Spray 24 oz

SKU: 724089793461

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